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Career coach: more pleasure in your job

My name is L.J. Nieulant (1963), happily married, proud father of 3 children, and the founder of Inspirator. My role as career coach is based on and inspired by my wide-ranging experience in several commercial and management positions at various organisations, and the career coach training programme offered by Hoogendijk Institute.
Like everyone at some point in time, I too have faced certain crossroads. What are my ambitions? What will my further career look like? One lesson has always remained with me: to solve personal questions, it helps to share them with others. 

Why Inspirator?

Already as a child I was interested in other people and how they behave. Why do people do the things they do?
My drive is to get the most out of myself and others, so that people can do what they were made for. I have actually been doing that for as long as I can remember. And that’s what gives me that little jump for joy, every day.
As a career coach I have helped many people achieve the kind of results that you are probably seeking to achieve as well. Among the tools I use are NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming), the Enneagram, core quadrants and biographical work. 

Who are you?

But enough about me. What are your ambitions? And how do you plan to realise these ambitions? In a first (and cost-free) exploratory meeting, we will sense soon enough what we can do for each other.
Coaching via Inspirator is an investment with guaranteed results.  Shall we get acquainted?

You can contact me today. This is of course confidential and entirely free of any obligation.

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