Career coaching: from A to …

As your career coach, I will work with you to help you to formulate and achieve your own specific goals. Of course it’s up to you to determine what your goals and ambitions are. But it’s my job to ensure that you stick to it and don’t give up. Coaching is your backup motivator to ensure you achieve your goals.

4-step approach

Who am I and what do I want? It can help to ask someone else. Why continue digging around for an answer on your own? We will search for answers together – but it’s you who finds the answers in the end!


The first step is to gain your bearings. Who am I? What do I want? What are my goals?

Together, we will establish clearly what your ambitions and your challenges are with respect to your working life. And we press on where others draw the line. Finding the right balance between work and leisure time is key. Coaching helps you find a mission in your career planning and to formulate specific goals.


The second step is (self-)reflection. As your career coach, I am a mirror that reveals constraints in your behaviour that you may not be aware of. Coaching helps you to release these constraints, which  clears the path for you to achieve your goals.

It is a struggle for many professionals to ensure that their own desires and competencies remain in step with the organisation’s demands. Conversely, employers struggle to please and to retain qualified employees. But how to keep the professionals motivated?
A self-test can provide clear insight into your own talents, qualities, ambitions and employability. This builds a foundation based on ability, desire and performance. 


A career coach provides the inspiration to achieve your goals. Through coaching, you discover that  making deliberate choices is a source of joy. What is it that gets your heart pumping? When do you jump for joy, on the work floor? Inspiration yields insight.
What sets you apart? How do you add value to the company? People are every company’s foundation. You are what you think! Self-reflection, brainstorming, setting challenges. Working together, practically. Result: a greater awareness of yourself and your potential.


If we would take the trouble to translate lofty ideals into more mundane and ordinary terms, with a bit more of a no-nonsense approach, then it would have a much greater effect. We are ten times more likely to achieve a goal when we rephrase vague result targets into specific behavioural resolutions. We should formulate clearly, not only the output but also the input. A simple rule-of-thumb applies: your resolution is sufficiently specific, only when you can actually demonstrate the right behaviour. To give a simple example: you cannot demonstrate ‘to lose weight’. But what you can demonstrate is ‘to replace the usual snacks by fruit’. The same applies to a career switch.

What is the result of a session with Inspirator? You are more aware of your own qualities and competencies. And you have a clear picture of your next career move.

Curious to know how Inspirator can accelerate your career? Then contact us today. 

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