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Inspirator is proud. Because I have already been able to help so many people with their career.
You can read for yourself how they experienced my services. Would you like to know more? Simply contact me today.

Eva Everts

After working various jobs for 5 years which did not make me happy at all, I fortunately encountered the solution I was looking for: coach L.J.!

L.J. is a coach par excellence: he listens well, thinks along with you, offers appropriate advice, and then leaves it to you to discover your own strengths.

L.J. joins you on a quest to discover your personal power and to answer the crucial questions: what do I want and what are my abilities? You start by writing down your life story, and through conversations with L.J. and the assignments that result from that, you search for the answers. L.J. regularly holds up a mirror to you as well. In this way you get to know yourself and your own strengths better, and ultimately you gain insight into the career you wish to have!

Thanks to L.J. I now have a job in which I am very happy and which suits me very well. At last I can go to work with pleasure, I am performing well again and am receiving positive assessments – such a great feeling! To everyone who is not satisfied with his job or who feels like he’s stuck in a rut, I really recommend that you contact L.J.. With his help, you can really get your career moving forward again!

M. Jansen

"I have experienced L.J. as an incredibly committed, warm, energetic and sharp-witted coach. He can penetrate to the heart of the matter very quickly, with his intuition and his sharp vision. And he does so with a strong sense of perspective and with humour, so I never experienced the process as heavy. That was very important for me. I have acquired insight into myself, into my patterns, my blind spots and my strengths. And into the road I wish to travel. I am so looking forward to moving ahead!!

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