Career coaching: the key to success

Career coaching: the key to success

Much is demanded of employers and managers nowadays. As employer or HR manager, of course you want to treat your employees with all due care. After all, they are who make the organisation what it is.

Certainly in times of change, where one must show utmost adaptability, achieving the optimum match between person and job requires much of you as employer, manager or HR head.

But as we all know, well-performing employees contribute to a healthy working environment. They draw satisfaction from their work and are loyal to your organisation. These employees are more creative and more productive, and their sickness absence is much lower. This considerably boosts the effectiveness and the productivity of your enterprise.

The right person on the right spot

Employers know one thing for sure: employees are the motor of an organisation. Provided they are in the right spot and can dedicate their drive and talents to their work.

If your employee starts feeling that his current position is a dead-end street, or if his activities no longer suit him on account of his background, interests or capacities, then career coaching offers your employee a means of getting his career back on track again.

Career coaching can not only provide a solution to a concrete problem encountered on the work floor, but can also help prevent any such problems from arising. Career coaching can furthermore be used as a natural follow-up to career advice.

Utilise knowledge and talents

For many organisations, their personnel represents their most important asset. Unfortunately, not nearly as many organisations dedicate sufficient attention to the proper use and development of this asset.

I believe in the principle that if healthy employees enjoy doing the things they are good at, then you will have a healthy and robust organisation. Offering them opportunities for development significantly contributes to this.

Through career coaching, employees can examine their own drives, inhibitions, qualities and ambitions. This will increase their motivation and their employability.
The result is a healthy balance between the demands of your organisation and the ambitions, qualities and talents of your employees.

Nothing is as unequal as treating the unequal as equal

Whoever wishes to stand out from the crowd must not act as if everyone is the same. Achieving success together requires a general acceptance of the fact that not everyone can and likes to do the same kind of work. Additionally, there can be differences in behaviour, motives and creativity.

It is a fundamental premise: success rests on valuing and utilising diversity. This means that we must acknowledge and accept the differences between employees. Only by being unafraid to differentiate between employees, we can excel as a collective. That is when we truly begin to collaborate.

Organisations that wish to be distinctive appraise their employees in terms of their added value. As an employer who wishes to give all personnel the opportunity to discover and utilise their talents, and to moreover help them achieve their (long-term) ambitions, you will see this repaid in the form of solid performance and trust. It is the basis for sustainable success.

How does career coaching help you and your employee

  • Devoting attention to the employee’s career path increases his/her motivation and loyalty to the company.
  • Employees who enjoy their work report sick less often.
  • Employees who enjoy their work are more productive and more creative, which in time will boost the company’s success. It also ensures their long-term employability. 
  • Someone who excels in their work is an inspiration to the company and to colleagues.

Career coaching means investing in the employability of your personnel. It inspires and motivates people. It increases the chance of success and boosts overall confidence.  And that is something you can see and can feel and even measure in the organisation! 

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