Working with the 4 verbs


People are often capable of doing more than they realise.
Every person is always more than the sum of their education and working experience.  

 What is important is to become aware of new possibilities. 

A new choice does not necessarily imply a change, as it can also be a confirmation of an earlier choice. 

One’s career often revolves around the question, ‘what do you want to get out of life?

At certain moments in your life you encounter a potential turning point. And when you do, then it’s important to stop for a moment to really be aware of this. After all, stopping for a moment is as much a choice as moving forward or backward. Not one of these choices is necessarily better than another choice. What matters is that you discover what suits you.  Now, at this point in your life. For in a few years you may well find yourself in a different phase, facing different choices and options. 

For me it makes no difference whether you are looking for a job, or just started a job, or that you already have a working career spanning many years.

As a career coach, I work with you to help you formulate specific goals, and then to accomplish these.  In the end it’s entirely up to you to determine what your goals and ambitions are, and for this it is useful to work with the following verbs.


Before you start seeking a new job or another challenge, you need to orient yourself on your career. Finding the right balance between work and leisure time is key. People tend to underestimate this orientation phase, but it is a crucial element. In order to gain new insight and to take new steps, it is important that you know who you are, what you want, and what you are capable of.


The second step is (self-)reflection. As a career coach I am a mirror that reveals constraints in your behaviour that you may not be aware of. Coaching helps you to release these constraints, which clears the path for you to achieve your goals.


A career coach inspires you to pursue and reach your goals. Through coaching, you discover that making deliberate choices is a source of joy. What is it that gets your heart pumping? When do you jump for joy, on the work floor? Inspiration yields insight.
You are what you think! Self-reflection, brainstorming, setting challenges.  Career coaching means: working together, practically, with a greater awareness of yourself and your potential as a result.


We are ten times more likely to achieve a goal when we rephrase vague result targets into specific behavioural resolutions.
A simple rule-of-thumb applies: your resolution is sufficiently specific, only when you can actually demonstrate the right behaviour. To give a simple example: you cannot demonstrate ‘to lose weight’. But what you can demonstrate is ‘to replace the usual snacks by fruit’. The same applies to a career switch.

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