Careercoaching and counselling

Career coach and counsellor 

Welcome to the website of Inspirator! Of course you haven’t landed here by accident – so why? Clearly, you are ready for action. Many others have chosen this path before. They all wanted to have more pleasure, or more success, or more happiness, a better balance, better working relations or more freedom in their work. They all wanted something to change in their career.
But how to go about it? Quite simply: by making the right decisions. And that’s where Inspirator comes in. 

Why a career coach? 

My name is L.J. Nieulant, founder of Inspirator.  As a career coach I am a sounding board, strategist and confidential adviser, all rolled into one. I am eager to work with you to form a clear picture of what you really want from your working life. 

A career coach helps you put together a strategy and a concrete action plan.  Coaching helps you to stick to this action plan, and so to achieve the goals that you have set yourself. 

A successful career  

Whether your career progresses successfully and to your satisfaction is up to you. What is your definition of an optimal career? Together we will get this clear, by means of our 4-step approach:
Orientation ReflectionInspirationMotivation

Curious to see how I can help you? Feel free to contact me, without obligation of course.

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